Christian Education Department

Christian Education Department (Christian Ntsinran Yangro)

Christian Ntsinran Yangro
Photo: Christian Ntsinran Yangro

Christian Education Department (CED) plays an important role in the progressive development of the Church. The department focuses on imparting Christian education to children to educate, guide and nourish on Christian teachings and way of life. The department strives to lay Biblical foundation in children, help children understand the love of God and to help children grow on Christian principles. It deals with the life, the soul and the aspirations of children by educating the children in understanding the Christian way of living and knowledge about eternal life through the Holy Bible at the very young age. The main focus is to fulfill the Spiritual needs for the age group between four to eighteen years.


The aims and objective of the Christian Education Department (CED) are:-

  1. To make them Christ disciples (Mathew 28:19-20)
  2. To educate the Children on Christian values based on the Word of God
  3. To foster respect, tolerance and humility towards all people, recognizing individuals, groups and society; and
  4. To promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, and to prepare them for all opportunities, responsibilities and challenges of the present and the future.


Presently, the Christian Education Department (CED) is headed by Director and Associate Director which supervise Christian Education initiatives in all the Sectors. In each sector, Superintendents are in-charge of the CED administration within the sector. All together there are 92 teachers and 4077 students as of 2019. The Christian Education Department (CED) also collaborates with the Pastor and Standing Committee for smooth functioning of the Department.


Christian Education Department under WTBC follows the CEEFI syllabus translated in Lotha dialect.

The classes are categorized as under:-

  1. Beginner (KG A & B, Class 1)
  2. Primary (Classes 2 – 4)
  3. Junior (Classes 5 – 6)
  4. Intermediate (Classes 7 – 8) and
  5. Senior (Classes 9 – 10)

The activities under Christian Education Department are Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Kids Games, Bible Quiz, Singing Competition, Bible Recitation, Debate, Giving Day etc. The CED also organize Workshop and Seminar for the teachers to enhance their teaching skills and also conduct special programme like retreat, prayer and fasting which help the teachers to prepare mentally and Spiritually in carrying out their works with more proficiency.

Key People under Christian Education Department:

  • Ms. Ayingbeni Odyuo, Asso. CNY Director
  • Ms. Loreno Humtsoe, Asso. CNY Director
  • Ms. Lijano Ezung, Asso. CNY Director
  • Mrs. Jonjibeni Jami, Asso. CNY Director