Youth Department

Youth Department (Pongdenro Yangro)

Youth Department WTBC
Photo: Youth Department Office Bearers 2019

The Youth Department under Wokha Town Baptist Church is headed by a Youth Director and Associate Youth Director, assisted by two Youth In-charge and sixty (60) dynamic youth office bearers. Youth Department caters to youth related activities and initiatives across all the sectors of the church.


The Youth Department endeavors to nurture young people and encourage them to live a good Christian life and to uphold the good Christian principle and to address the social issues related to today’s youth generation.

The Department also seeks to provide a platform for young people to participate actively in all Youth Ministries undertaken by the department, to share their experiences and to provide leadership training to youth leaders through various youth activities. Realizing the importance of guiding, moulding and helping the young people to grow in Christ, the Youth Department is committed to cater to the needs of the young people by organizing various activities throughout the year, with a vision to share their experiences, plans and programmes. To fulfill this objective, the Youth Department provides effective ministry among the young people. It helps in training and developing the personality of the young people, equipping them to meet the challenges faced by the present generation. It creates a holistic approach to the youth ministry, calling young people to total commitment and spiritual accountability thereby encouraging Christian values. It also provides opportunity for young people to know each other better and thus work cooperatively in unity to fulfill the Great Commission.

Youth Department is now one of the most useful instruments of the Church for moulding and nurturing the youths under WTBC. Since its inception, the Youth Department has been developing immensely to equip young people to develop a deeper relationship with Christ and led a holistic life.


  1. Youth Fellowship Hymn CompetitionIn order to motivate, encourage and well equipped the young people with the Christian Hymns and Songs, the Youth Department conduct Annual Hymnal Competition for all the 17 Youth Fellowship under WTBC.
  2. Youth Fellowship Sports Evangelism MINISTRY: Sports & Evangelism Ministry is being organized for all the 17 Fellowship under WTBC especially to reach out to those youth who do not come to church for worship. The entire programmed is filled with creative sports items, various presentation, Preaching and many young people gather and exhibit their talents with full of competitive spirit to glorify God. The ministry is envisioned to evangelized the Great Commission and identify the talents of the young people and provide them with the right platform and bring them up with the fear of God in life.
  3. Outreach & home Penetration Ministry: In order to motivate and encourage the young people with the Word of God and to have a fellowship among the youths with the parents from different wakes of life, Outreach & Home Penetration Ministry is being organized once in a year by the Youth Department. Theologically trained persons, youth office-bearers along with Fellowship Office-bearers were engaged during this time of event as it involves lots of man power.
  4. LEADERSHIP TRAINING & Seminar:Leadership training & seminars is organized every year through Workshops especially for all the youth leaders and office-bearers under WTBC to enhance the youth leadership skills. The main objective is to well equip today’s youth leaders about different techniques that can be applied while working with the young peoples.
  5. Extempore Speech, DEBATE & QUIZ CompetitionIn order to give exposure and build up self- confidence to the young people, the department organized extempore speech, debate and Quiz Competition for all four sector churches once in a year in which all colony fellowship youth members part take in the competition.
  6. SPIRITUAL AWAKENING PROGRAMME: Programmes and events such as youth camp, youth conclave, youth retreat, youth revival, fasting, Youth Office Bearers Retreat are conducted occasionally in order to boast the spiritual growth for the young people.
  7. YOUTH SUNDAY: Under the initiative of NBCC, WTBC Youth Department organized Youth Sunday in all the four sector churches in which all the activities are being taken up by the young people enabling them to exhibit their talents.
  8. OPEN AIR MINISTRY: Once in a year, Open Air Ministry is conducted in all the four sector churches by Youth Department in order to provide platform the youths through activities like praise & worship, exhibition of talents by young peoples, preaching etc.
  9. BIBLE READING AWARD: This award was introduced by the youth department in order to motivate and encourage the young people with the Word of God and to develop a deeper relationship with Christ and led a holistic life. Each year Youth Department gives this prestigious award to those youths who have completed reading the whole Bible at the end of the year.

Key People under Youth department:

  • Mrs. Mhabeni Khuvung, Asso. Youth Director
  • Mr. Mhademo Ngullie, Music Director
  • Mr. Mhademo Jungio, Asso. Youth Director
  • Mr. Khonkhen Patton, Asso. Youth Director