WTBC centennial celebration begins

Three-day centennial celebration of Wokha Town Baptist Church (WTBC) held under theme, “Jesus Christ is the Lord of all ages” got underway Friday at the Local Ground, Wokha Town.

Delivering centennial message to thousands of believers, Longsa Baptist Church Pastor Rev. L.K. Tsanglao said, “God is the beginning and end, the creator of every living being, every nation and every community. He protects and controls every step of our lives.”

Rev. Tsanglao, who also served as WTBC Pastor, reminded the congregation that to live an eventful and fulfilling life one live with the “true knowledge” and accept God as the creator and saviour.

He called upon the congregation to make the jubilee celebration meaningful by re-strengthening their individual relationships with the true saviour Jesus Christ.

Rev. Tsanglao asked them to renew their lives once again and to let Jesus take control of their lives.

Delivering jubilee greetings, advisor for horticulture and border affairs, Mhathung Yanthan, urged the congregation to practice peace and forgiveness all throughout their daily lives and not only during jubilee celebrations.

WTBC Pastor Rev. S. Thungrio Khuvung, delivered welcome address and also introduced the speakers and invitees to the congregation.

Earlier, Lotha Baptist Churches’ Association (LBCA) Executive Secretary, Rev. Nyanchumo Lotha blessed and dedicated the centennial memorial stone; UBC Doyang Pastor Rev. Ellis Lotha dedicated the centennial theme; Tsungiki Baptist Church Pastor Rev. R. Lotha offered a prayer in memory of the dead, and WTBC centennial celebration history committee convenor, Rev. Khonbemo P. Kikon released the centennial magazine.

WTBC ex-associate Pastor Rev. S. Ilow Ezung said the invocation, WTBC centenary choir and Wokha Village Baptist church choir presented special numbers, Phiro Baptist Church Pastor Thungjanshio Odyuo read from the scripture and Sungro Baptist Church Pastor Rev. Z.K. Yanthan pronounced the benediction at the inaugural centennial celebration service led by WTBC assistant pastor Rev. Abemo Jungio.

The three-day WTBC centennial celebration (1919-2019) will culminate on December 29.


Courtesy: Nagaland Post