Highlights of WTBC Centenary Celebration on 29th December (Chodantsü) 2019

Rev. S. Thungrio Khuvung, Pastor

Morning Session:

The morning session was led by Rev. S. Thungrio Khuvung, Pastor, WTBC.  The invocation prayer was pronounced by Rev. O. Yibomo Ngullie, Pastor, Okotso Baptist Church. A special prayer session was led by Rev. Prof. Ezamo Murry and prayed for God’s blessings on WTBC and its members.

Special songs were presented by:
a) WTBC Centenary Choir
b) WTBC Ex-Choir

Rev. Dr. Z. Keyho Gen. Secy, NBCC, Kohima, brought centennial greetings to the congregation. He reminded WTBC that God has been faithful. “God has been faithful to WTBC for the last 100 years, and He will be faithful for 100 more years to come“, he said. He also reminded the congregation to continue to lead and contribute to the Naga society. “Once you were not a people, but now you are the people of God; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy” – 1 Peter 2:10.

The speaker for the evening, Rev. K. Chumben Kyong, Senior Asso. Pastor, LBCD, delivered God’s word on the theme “Jisu Krista jo Echungren topvü lo yansapvüi” (Jesus Christ is the Ruler of all generation).  He reminded that God has blessed us in so many ways- we see the faithfulness and the love of God in that fact. He also reminded that if God is the Ruler (yansapvüi) and we, his believers, then, even our society and our living conditions should reflect the same. He reminded and challenged the congregation to show in action / works, to strive hard to do and fulfill what God wants us to do, leaving aside selfishness, greed, corruption and other vices, for the betterment of our society as Christians.

Evening Session:

The evening session was led by Rev. Khonbemo P. Kikon, Asst. Pastor, WTBC. The session started with invocation of God’s blessings by Rev. Nzeo Yanthan, Pastor, New Tssori Baptist Church. Special songs were presented by:
a) WTBC Centenary Choir
b) Upper Subansiri Baptist Churches Association (USBCA), Arunachal Pradesh

Special Centennial greetings was delivered by Rev. Prof. Akheto Sema, Gen. Secy, CBCNEI, Guwahati, who mentioned that it is a time of thanksgiving to God for His faithfulness and also a time for forgiveness.

The speaker of the evening Rev. Mhathung Lotha, Senior Pastor, KLBC, delivered the word of God on the theme “Jisu Krista jo Echungren topvü lo Lansopvüi” (Jesus Christ is the Guide in all generation).  He reminded the congregation that Lord has led and guided WTBC thus far, and that God being our guide, God would guide us make everything possible for us.

The three day WTBC Centenary Celebration concluded with a candlelit consecration service invoking God’s blessing which was led by Rev. C. Yanthan, Pastor, Purana Bazar LBC, Dimapur.

May God bless us all.