Preparation on for WTBC Centenary Celebration 2019

Hectic preparation is underway for the centenary celebration of Wokha Town Baptist Church (WTBC), which will be held from December 27 to 29 at local ground, Wokha on the theme, “Jesus Christ is the Lord of all ages”.

The centenary memorial stone will be dedicated by executive secretary LBCA, Rev. Nyanchumo Lotha.

Speakers of the celebration will be pastor Longsa Baptist Church, Rev. L.K. Tsanglao; pastor Wokha Town Baptist Church, Rev. S. Thungrio Khuvung; missionary pastor of Fountain Flow Christian Centre San Diego California, USA, Rev. Meribeny Humtsoe Williams; senior associate pastor Lotha Baptist Church Dimapur, Rev. K. Chumben Kyong and senior pastor KLBC, Rev. Mhathung Lotha.

Greetings will be delivered by advisor Horticulture and Border Affairs, Mhathung Yanthan; Dr. Chumben Murry MLA; DC Wokha, Orenthung Lotha; NBCC general secretary, Rev. Dr. Z. Keyho and CBCNEI general secretary, Rev. Prof. Akheri Sema.

A special prayer of blessing for the Church and its members will be pronounced by Rev. Prof. Ezamo Murry.

Courtesy: Nagaland Post