WTBC During Covid 19 Lockdown


Since the inception of the Lockdown announced by the Government of India, the Churches under LBCA had responded positively and have played important role in preventing and containing the COVID Pandemic. Some of the activities of the Churches under LBCA are reported hereinafter:

  1. In response to COVID-19 Advisories, Wokha Town Baptist Church adopted an 11 point resolution suspending all Church services and other congregational activities.
  2. Special arrangement was made to conduct Funeral Services, Naming of new-born Children.
  3. All Special Services, including Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday were conducted via YouTube Channels wherein all families join in the services online.
  4. Pastor, Associate Pastors and the Church Staff took turn to conduct the Church Services from the Church with Amplified Loudspeaker in all sectors wherein the surrounding households join in the services in the safety of their homes.
  5. 7:00 – 08:00 p.m. was set aside for bible reading and family worship and the believers responded overwhelmingly.
  6. Preaching through Voice Recording was devised to reach the Good Gospel to reach each and every household.
  7. Wokha Town Baptist Church donated a sum of Rs. 5,00,000 (Rupees five lakh) only towards COVID-19 Relief Fund through the Deputy Commissioner Wokha.